Window Shutters For Your Home And Business: Things You Didn’t Know

When it comes to keeping your home or business safe, there is nothing more important than choosing the right lock systems. Other than installing the proper locks, it is also essential that you have an additional form of security, such as window shutters.

Though roller shutters are commonly seen in most establishments, especially jewelry stores, some people break in through the windows – which makes these roller shutters sort of useless. Though it still adds a bit of protection, but everything that you have in your business can be considered useless if they can still find ways to break in, one way or another.

Many establishments have reported burglary incidents and 75% of these have been break-ins through the window. 10% are through the front door, and the remaining 15% are through locks being picked or business owner failed to turn on their security systems / alarms.

Window shutters are now starting to become an essential part of every business. In most states, you can find a home and business improvement companies beginning to recommend these types of shutters for additional security and protection. In fact, it is being promoted not just for companies, but many homeowners have also started considering using one of these.

However, you have to know that window shutters are not just meant for burglars. Yes, that is its fundamental role, but you can get more advantages from these amazing shutters. During the winter season, what is the most common problem you’re experiencing? Snow and cold air coming through your windows make it difficult for you during this bad weather, right?

You may also notice that some of your windows may suddenly open because of the strong winds, or its lock is not strong enough to keep the windows closed. If you have shutters outside your window, you can easily control this and keep the cold wind outside your home. You don’t have to worry about replacing your window locks, or you don’t have to think about snow being able to sneak into your house because of a slightly opened window.

There are also instances where the neighborhood becomes so noisy – that even if your windows are shut down, you can still hear the noise outside. This is very common during the summer. You’ll have kids out in the streets playing with their ball, roller skates or simply yelling with their playmates.

Of course, you can’t just let them stop having fun. Instead, you can close these shutters, and the noise outside will be minimized. You can always have a relaxing moment inside your home without even trying to confront your neighbors or without being the one who doesn’t like to have ‘fun’.

If you’re interested in installing window shutters, either for your business or home, it is important that you are aware on who to contact for these kinds of services. If you know someone who’s been helping you with your repairs and renovation, give them a call. See if they install shutters on windows and try requesting for a quotation.

On the other hand, if this is your first time renovating your home, check the internet for some home improvement companies that offer these types of services. You may also ask around and see if someone has an experience with one of the local businesses. This would save you time and will help you find one that you can trust.

Always request for a quotation and compare prices. Some shutters may be priced a bit higher than the others, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always better. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages and see which of these shutters would perfectly fit your demands, either as a homeowner or a business owner.

Window Shutters Can Make For Ideal Window Treatment and Suit Any Decor

You will never find a home without windows on its exterior walls, as this is a method to give the inside living space, the right amount of light and ventilation. Windows can be treated in various ways, so that the room inside is transformed into a space that is inviting and warm and allows you to be in as a family, or with friends, in a place that is fun to relax in.

A very common way of treating windows is to have window shutters which can come in many different styles and in various materials. They can be installed in various ways, both, outside the window or inside the window. Some people even go so far as to have window shutters on both the outside and inside of windows. The most common way of installing window shutters is to have them within the window frame itself, though window strips can be put in place on the outside to install them externally. Window shutters do enhance the elegance and beauty of a room, and normally have movable parts that can be made of wood or any material and even covered with fabric. Shutters must have the right amount of tension so that they operate easily and do not malfunction. Opening and closing of the shutters to regulate light and air must be easy, with little resistance, while it is important that the shutters stay in the position that they are placed in. Shutters must be of materials that can give them a lot of durability, and this is especially important for exterior shutters, as they will always be exposed to the elements. They must be hung correctly, so that they are easy to operate, and must be able to completely block light from coming through them, when they are in the closed position.

Choose the window shutters that suit the window they are fitted on. They can be a single piece, have two panels or even four panels for larger windows. Consider the size of the room to which you are having the shutters fixed, so that they do not look incongruous. Window shutters can also help to block out noise, and this makes them very valuable additions to a room. Most window shutters that are fixed as window treatments have louvers, which can have slats that are horizontal or vertical, though the horizontal ones are more commonly used. Slats can have various widths from the small one inch to a broad four and a half inches. The smaller ones are easier to operate, and all louvers help to control the amount of light coming into a room.

Wooden shutters give a room a very elegant look, and you can get those that are made of pine, cherry or made from oak. You can purchase them as unfinished, so that you can paint them or stain them according to the décor you have in the room. You can also get window shutters that are made of vinyl, and those that are polymer based are very durable and will last for a very long time. The advantage of using this material is that you never have to worry about it being affected by moisture or developing mold and mildew, as wooden shutters will. They are ideal for use in high moisture areas like bathrooms. They are also much easier to maintain and clean.

While you have a choice of materials when you are looking for window shutters, the styles are normally restricted to just three. Shutters can be the plantation type, have vertical louvers or be like café shutters. Plantation shutters give a unique decorative look to any room, and the widths of the horizontal louvers are best if they are between two and four inches wide. Choose the width depending on the size of the room, as very broad shutters in small rooms may have them looking chunky and out of place. Vertical louvers are more suited to large rooms and large office spaces. They can be as wide as twelve inches. It is not uncommon to have large vertical louvers made of aluminum or metal to cover very large and tall windows and even have motorized means to control the movement of the louvers. Vertical louvers will make a room look bigger and are ideal for very tall windows. Café shutters are those that will cover only part of the window and are ideal for use in spaces that are public and still need to give some amount of privacy, like in cafes.

Exterior window shutters can actually give a completely different look to the exterior of a home. They act to completely protect the window from rain, hail and high winds, and are very useful in places that have difficult weather conditions. They also ensure privacy, especially as most exterior window shutters are solid. They can also act as additional protection for a window and help to prevent break-ins. They give complete protection to the glass in a window.

Interior window shutters can be used as an alternative to drapes and blinds, which most home owners will otherwise go in for. Interior window shutters give clean lines, and actually completely control the way it appears, and are more easily maintained than curtains. They will help to improve the insulation to a window and thus prevent heat from coming in or getting out and thus lead to lower utility bills in the long run. Window shutters on the inside of windows also help to protect furniture from the effects of the sun, and help to pre vent carpets from fading. They will be never be disturbed by the breeze, when you leave them open for letting in ventilation. It is not difficult to maintain shutters, compared to curtains, as just cleaning them is easy. Curtains on the other hand need to be taken down, sent to the dry cleaners and then put up again after they are cleaned. Shutters will rarely fade and change their looks as drapes are bound to. Window shutters can even be fixed on skylights, allowing you to control the sun coming in to a sky lit room.

Decide on window shutters for your rooms depending on its position, size and existing décor, and you will never regret having made this choice for your window treatments.